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Access control is also known as a keyless entry system

This is an efficient way to regulate who can access your property because there is no fumbling with keys or changing locks. GHC offers many access control systems like PIN codes, fob systems, bar code systems, finger scanning, or even facial recognition.

PIN Codes

PIN codes are one type of keyless entry system GHC provides.  With PIN codes instead of locks you are able to give every employee a different code.  The different codes allow for restrictions to be set.  Personal codes can be restricted from accessing entry on certain door.  Keep your important information safe by only allowing certain individuals to access it.  With unique PIN codes you will be able to see who entered each door and the time they did.  This allows you to see where your employees are going and how frequent. 

Key Fob Systems

A key fob system is an access control system that uses a one factor authentication to allow access into a system.  A fob system can be kept on a key chain for easy accessing.  It is also more secure than a regular key system as the fobs are unable to be copied like a key is.  A key fob system can be programmed to only allow access during certain times or to certain areas as well.  


Bar Code Systems

A bar code system is a key less access control feature that can save time as they are more efficient than a regular key system.  A barcode can be added onto employee’s badges to admit access to certain areas. Bar codes can be added to vehicles or equipment to allow for seamless entry as required. Every bar code swipe can show who accessed this keeps confidentiality within the workplace.  It also keeps unauthorized people from accessing restricted areas. 

Facial Recognition

A facial recognition system like finger print scanning is one of the most reliable access control systems.  In a facility of highly classified information a facial recognition system will keep your data and products safe.  Facial recognition uses the highest technology to notice qualities on people’s faces to make the most accurate read.  Using facial recognition ensures access can’t be given to anyone else and eliminates the threat of identity theft.


Access control is the most secure way to manage who enters your facility and when

Simple programming will allow you to automatically lock or unlock your entire facility or certain zones to specific people.

Your access control system can program door locks, entrance gates and fuel pumps for accessibility to specific people on certain dates and times.

Temperature & mask detection systems

Non-contact temperature and facial recognition system allows you to test for visitors’ and employees’ temperatures. It also records the date and time they entered your facility.

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