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Cameras are one of the most critical parts of your security system

The camera footage is crucial for police to use as evidence by:

  • Identifying a suspect
  • Determining what crime or in most cases crimes have taken place so that the appropriate charges can be laid.

Only evidence quality footage can be used in court, so it’s essential to have professionally installed cameras. GHC offers top-of-the-line NDAA approved, evidence quality surveillance cameras that are admissible in the courts of Canada.

All of our install technicians are trained and provide criminal clearance certificates

Security camera

Some of our exceptional analytic camera features:

  • Facial recognition feature clarity day or night
  • Advanced zoom-in feature for clarity of licence plates
  • Nighttime daylight feature, key for night surveillance as it is full colour and brightness and comparable to daylight images
  • Auto tracking and early detection warnings analytics will help to deter thieves
  • Body temperature detection and mask detection scanning
  • Date and time stamp on all video
  • Pro-active features including vehicle and person classification and auto tracking to unwanted intruders after hours and during day activities

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