Commercial Security Systems

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Commercial and Industrial Gates

Security gate systems are a key way to keep your investments safe and secure from vandalism, theft, unwanted tagging and garbage dumping. Have total control of who is at your facility and when they enter, at all times.

Make a statement to your customers–having a security gate sets standard of professionalism that their product is of the highest importance and will remain guarded when it is at your facility.


Commercial/ Agricultural Surveillance & Alarm Systems

At GHC we understand that all businesses are unique that's why we offer a wide range of fully supervised alarm monitoring.  We'll help you customize your facility's commercial surveillance to best fit the needs of your business 

  • 24 hour alarm monitoring
  • Panic button (silent alarm for emergency services)
  • Fire and smoke alarms & carbon monoxide- 3 in one system
  • elevator monitoring

Specialized Monitoring

  • Humidity monitoring
  • Temperature fluctuation monitoring (temperature- sensitive facilities)
  • Water sensors (flood and water damage)
  • Real time video monitoring of commercial facilities

Commercial Camera Systems

Cameras are one of the most critical parts on your security system the camera footage is crucial for police to for evidence with:  

  • Identifying a subject
  • Determining what crimes have taken place so that the appropriate charges can be laid
  • Only evidence quality footage can be used in court, so it is essential to have professionally installed cameras. GHC offers top-of-the-line cameras that are admissible in the courts of Canada. All our install technicians are trained and provide criminal clearance certificates.

Security camera

Mask and Temperature Detection Systems

Keep illnesses out of your facility by installing this 3 in one system at all your entrances. This non-contact temperature and mask detection system is designed to detect abnormal temperatures through infrared scanning.

Access Control Systems

Access control is also known as a keyless entry system. This is an efficient way to regulate who can access your property because there is no fumbling with keys or changing locks.


Access-Controlled Paid Parking

GHC can convert your current parking lot into a secure, access-controlled zone that can make you extra profit.

Locations we service

We provide services in Centre Wellington, Fergus, Elora, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Greater Toronto Area, across Ontario and beyond.