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Smart home alarm and monitoring systems designed to fit your budget and needs

GHC offers monitoring systems built to your specific life and surroundings. You can start with the basics and then add on more features later. They’re designed to grow and adapt to your ever-changing life. 

SecurTek Monitoring Solutions creates a key holder list that in case of an alarm people of your choosing will be contacted before dispatching 911 authorities.  Having a list of people to call before the emergency services allows for less false alarms and important people to be notified incase of a real emergency.  The support team is available 24/7 to monitor your property and dispatch emergency services in case of an alarm.  

GHC is a certified dealer for Alarm.com systems, the easiest to use and most secure on the market. Monitor your home on your mobile device, through voice or text commands.

More than just security

Smart home and alarm monitoring systems also help you become more efficient. They can lock your entrance doors,  monitor your smoke alarms, adjust your thermostat, even start your coffee maker. They can also:

  • Detect a water leak and send you a notification; you can then turn off the water remotely.
  • Send you a notification when you forget to lock the doors.
  • Learn about your home’s daily routine to help avoid false alarms.

They can also monitor the safety of loved ones who live elsewhere.  Installing a home monitoring system at a loved ones house allows you to feel comfortable that in case of an emergency will be notified. 

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